AfHo® in Malmö!

This weekend (that just passed by) I went back to Malmö – to spread some AfHo®love.

We did the training Gasworks Studios – and due to their class schedule I split the training in between two days.

A rather tiny crew this weekend as well, but just like the previous occasions – they really worked hard and made such an effort and I was very happy to approve, and license, five more AfHo-instructors.

The mandatory ‘Yo-pic’

I also had this little frog-dog-friend waking me up with his snoring yesterday.
Just like home…

…which made me miss my very own bulldog, a lot.

THANK YOU Malmö and all of you awesome instructors for a great weekend.

One more AfHo®training is coming up this round, september 7th in Göteborg.
Send me an email if you’re interested.

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