Best of playlist!

So, the tracklist for tonight’s best of class looked like this:
Warm up  37
Isolations  39
Hip hop 47
Contemporary Rock 45
Recovery 52
Street Party Riot 57
Groovedown 36

I tend to like the newest one.. since I’m a pretty restless person that likes to look forward more than back. So I did threw in a brand new block in the end.
The awesome and lovely Maria backed me up for the first half, THANK YOU for that!

No, we didn’t plan our tops…!

It was a nice crowd… and they sure danced their asses of.
A few of them after class:

Tomorrow – it’s time for Malmö to jam it out, but then it will be all new. BODYJAM® quarterly at SATS Västra Hamnen.

Thank you Stockholm-jammers for celebrating with me. Let’s continue the partey at Super Saturday!

Happy weekend!

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