Bliss on Bosön!

A few months ago I did a job for Bliss Dance.
They asked me to guest choreograph a couple of street-routines for their annual stage-performances, so I did.
I was in Göteborg and filmed the choreos in a studio the end of may, and yesterday all the Bliss Dance Instructors in the Stockholm-area had an upskilling – and inspiration – day at Bosön.
I was there to teach them one of the routines.

I’ve never taught – or worked – with kids myself so to know what youngsters between 9-11 years old like, and are able to do was a bit tricky, but it seems like Bliss and the instructors liked it and were pretty satisfied with the result.
Let’s hope that the kiddos will be as well. 🙂

At Bosön I also met the gorgeous Elaine that is working a lot with the Bliss Dance-products.
Great to see her – short, but sweet as very often in between classes.

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