After a september month with 52 regular classes – and in addition to that –  a couple of guest classes, a master class at Super Saturday, a BODYJAM® initial training module and lots and lots of choreographing and rehearsal I got sick.. despite my serious efforts trying to fight it..

And the sicko-state of mind brings me into this never ending, everlasting issue, that I’ve also been bloging about before…

The fact that my three days in bed have been much more stressful than it is when I’m working.  
Cause I’ve been – literally – chasing subs to cover my classes.
THANK YOU lovely rockstars that have helped me out.
Yesterday was redicolous! I just couldn’t find anyone that was available to sub.

And it sure didn’t help when the gym refuses to answer their phones.
What’s up with that? 2011… soon to be 2012! Get a handsfree if you leave the front desk god damn it!

In those situations I feel like just don’t wanna give a crap, and simply don’t show up. But just let them deal with it.
But I’d never have the consciense to do that – and most people are the same.

So yesterday, I taught three classes with the cough from hell (you know, that makes you sound like a skanky big time smoker) and then luckily I have a very nice husband that actually went o u t s i d e the city toll to sub a class, so that instructor (which is just awesome and super sweet) could go and cover the fourth class I was supposed to teach yesterday. At the gym that no longer uses their phones…


Anyhow.. this is the same at ALL THE GYMS I’ve been working at – ever, so no need to comment anything else. Just sayin’ 😮

Wednesday peeps – I do have a sub for tonight’s street; Malin is covering for me at Fridhemsplan!
And I HOPE to be back on track tomorrow for the jazz!

So – if you have read this far… Well done!
And, I wish you a sparkling germ free beautiful day!

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