Three words =

A fierce friday!

I started the day by teaching my BODYBALANCE™ at Zenit.
I LOVE the fact that the studio there is just a tiny bit warmer than most other studios at SATS. And BODYBALANCE™ 53 is a pretty tough release (if you want to) so in the sun salutation the sweat was… dripping. Which might seems gross but still something I prefere a million times before freezing.

Olle joined me for the class – with a positive vibe and a great effort as always!
And then I hooked up with the awesome and always very gorgeous Maria – and headed out to Frösunda Vik for the Topphälsa Training Camp.
This is the first time Topphälsa organizes this weekend-event in Stockholm.
It started at 13.00 today, friday, and finishes at sunday afternoon.
It’s a weekend filled with classes, lectures and workshops. And most of the partipants stay at the hotel – with unlimited access to the spa and a super cozy surrounding. Sounds pretty great to me!

I taught a streetdance class today, and the crowd were very happy, open minded and positive. And the venue where we do all the classes – it’s awesome!
Some of the participants are mingling before class.

Erika – the lovely training editor at Topphälsa helped out with all kinds of stuff.
Such as getting Jari miked up – who taught after me this afternoon.

Lena, my co-worker at SATS is also one of the presenters for the weekend.
Tomorrow I’m presenting Tribal House – can’t wait.
And, after that, the rest of the weekend is dedicated to BODYJAM®57.

Have a great weekend y’all!

Awesome masseuse!

Last week I went to get a massage – with non the less than Ms Soffan!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to massage – have had some time and opportunities to try a lot of them during my own massage therapist training… and then after that as well.

(Far to rare these days though)

But Soffan – was awesome!

One of my massage teachers used to say that the most aggressive kind of massage therapists is usually tiny females. And yes, it is! Aggressive as in good obviouly, and with pressure.

So right next to my favourite thai massage place I can warmly recommend Soffan if you’re up for a good treatment – that helps.

Great massage!

Despite the fact that my nose stuffed up and I sounded like a frenchie when I was breathing.

No – not like a french person, a french bulldog.