Reflect is perfect!

After this amazing Dance & Training trip we had in NYC I headed down to Miami for a few days.
As I was reflecting over a few things in the sun (and +30 degrees of lovely heat) it hit me that I haven’t had any real time of since christmas 2011 when I was in Maspalomas, Canary Islands for a week. (A place I never need to go to again btw)

You might know this already but it was awesome to have a few days where I didn’t have anything booked or scheduled.
No curfews, no nothing at all… just vacay.
Time to think. Reflect.

So, even though I cried a little on the flight in take off, when I landed in SWE I felt refilled and boosted with inspiration, energy, happiness and harmony (and D-vitamine) from both NYC and Miami.
Well needed I’d say since this is the shittiest (pardon my french) time of the year. Late fall towards winter, then the never-ending-crap-winter.
But so far it’s been good.

I love my classes – and even more, I love my participants.
Saturday, I went to Saga Motion’s convention and presented AfHo®.

Lovely Åsa (that also took the photos above) joined the class and then we had an excellent brainstorm meeting after. She’s gonna help me with a minor charity event.
I’ll tell you more about it in a post of it’s own.

I hope I’ll see you – sooner rather than later, right?!


It’s insane how the days fly by.
Day 5 tomorrow already.

It’s been an awesome week so far.
The studios we’ve rented are great, our classes have been a lot of fun, the classes I’ve taken at Crunch have been good and inspiring and most of all – our crew is amazing.

Some snap shots from the first 4 days:

Me and Craig – took his class tuesday night. Awesome! Like always.

Me and the wonderful, beautiful Nadia Zaki.
She came and taught for us yesterday.
She did a beautiful lyrical routine – and the entire group took her class.

She’s one of my favorite teachers, ever. Thanks so much for coming.

Me and Lillian Concepcion – took her hiphop class yesterday.
A skilled (and tall) dancer.

Moa in the west village sun.

As for the ‘today’s song’- my recommendation will be Justin Timberlake – Only when I walk away. Listen to it!



Two [very different] Events…

One of the things (among many other) I truly appreciate with my job is the variety. Of work, environment, people, energy and obviously – the actual task.

The two upcoming weekends I’ve got two different events booked.
First up is the Spa and the city-event at Selma Spa this weekend.  It’s starting off this afternoon already – but I’m heading there tonight after my class at House of Shapes.

I’ll be teaching three classes at the event, BODYBALANCE®59 tomorrow morning, AfHo® tomorrow afternoon and then a very special Spa and the City class sunday noon.
How about that?
The vibe for the weekend is suppose to be kind of luxury-glamour-big-city-energy meets the calm and stillness of the countryside.
I’ll be representing the big city vibe, foremost.
And beside all the fabulous classes and the spa & relax there will be opportunities to take private coaching sessions, private singing lessons… and of course: cocktails.
Tonight it’s a classic cocktail party and tomorrow there will be a white party.

(And if I’m allowed to be a bit negative just for a sec, not only seem white partys very 2000 – but what’s the deal with throwing one in NOVEMBER… Is it the clothes or the skin tone that counts? And, since I’m not an actual guest – I will refuse to wear white, ha!)

Anywho – I think it’s gonna be an awesome weekend.

NEXT sunday – I’ll take part in a completely different event, organized by Bloggar om träning – and the energetic Åsa governing the entire thing.
It’s a charity event where all the money goes to benefit the Ung Cancer.
It’s a whole bunch of classes – and each class costs 50 sek (or more)

I’ll swoop in directly from the BODYBALANCE® QW, to present – yes, that’s right – yet another BODYBALANCE®.
Of course I’ll do the new release, 59!
Which by the way, is a LOVELY release.
For me – much more instant love than the previous release.

I think you should join me.
Come and workout with other people that share your passion – celebrate life – and take the opportunity to spend your money, energy and time on a great cause. Make that day count. Make that workout count.
My class starts 14.00.

Golden Bless…

It’s very rarely that you get any kind of food tips in my blog (how about never)

But today it’s about to happen.
And it’s a beautiful olive oil that I can recommend to you guys – which is quite new on the swedish market. Golden Bless Olive Oil.

To be honest – I don’t really cook, ever. So the first reason I chose to recommend this particular oil is because I really like the guys that work with it – and I’m happy to help them promote this product in any way I can.
How ever, my significant half [my very own swedish chef as well] does like to cook – and he is really good at it. And he liked this oil a lot, for real. Which actually gives the whole thing a lot more credibility. 🙂

So if you’re curious enough to try – visit some of the stores that offers the oil – or ask for it in your very own store, so they’ll bring it in eventually.

Happy Monday y’all!

M a s s a g e !

I know I’ve promoted this place earlier.. but it’s so ridiculously good that I’ll mention it again.

Samruai thai massage!
This past week I’ve have had crazy tensed muscles and a not so cosy pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders. So yesterday I took a 90 min massage at Samruai. The hard version.
And it is insanely good. It hurts like hell – but it’s a pain that’s doing good and I love it.

I hope the pain will go away – it definitly feels better today, even though I’m just a tiny bit sore.
So, if you’re up for an awesome massage – check this place out!!

Tonight – definitly last week of the FUN-routine…! So, brace your abs and come dancing with me.

HAPPY 20th!!!

Like I told you earlier this week – my past weekend was spent in Värmland – at Selma Spa. It was the 20 years anniversary of the spa and since my original work was cancelled I could join Jonas when he asked me. Fun stuff!

I taught a part of the 20 years celebration class – and then me and Josefin performed with Jonas again as well. How ever, this time we changed the approach in our performance. To the sporty look, as you see.

AfroDite was there as well – so of course we brought our masquerade finale outfits yet again.

The class I mentioned above was a class with a range of different trends from the past 20 years – with a short teaser from each genre. The whole thing started with some squeeeeze (kniiiip) with Susan Lanefelt – and I finished it off with some Britney flavour.
In between it was a mix of everything from afro – yoga – army – old school aerobics to reggaeton… and so on!

Yoga soundcheck!

Kellerman’s resort?!

No – this is the B-day gal, Happy 20th!

Last minute change of (work)plans!

Next weekend I was booked for a training – but for different reasons it got cancelled so instead I jumped on a very last minute job.

Selma Spa is celebrating their 20 years anniversary, and my homie Jonas is a bit involved in the celebratory event that will be held this upcoming weekend.
It will be a huge two hour master class outside that will cover some of the training trends from the past 20 years.
And, he asked me to present a sequence of that master class.
So Susan Lanefelt will open it up with the vibes from 91- and I’ll wrap it up by representing the 2011 dance style.
And in between – there will be a fusion of different workouts and styles.
My sequence have a theme spelled B.R.I.T.N.E.Y. – curious about that? Come join me!!

Jonas will also be performing in the evening, so yet again Jossan goes with me for some back up dancing on Discover the night.

Two birds with one stone… or something.

2 done, 1 to go!

Day 1 & 2 of Workout Åre are over and out.
I opened up the weekend yesterday with the first class; BODYJAM®57, Carribean Street Parteey! A perfect way of starting this weekend.

And CX30™ premiered in the world of swedish training event.

Today (saturday) I haven’t presented any classes – so we took the opportunity to go horse back riding. On icelandic horses! AWESOME!!
Three hours on the horse. Mine was tiny – the smallest one – but the fastest and most energetic one. We made a great team, ha!

And this is the oldes horse I’ve seen – 38 years old!!

He was retired though… a well deserved retirement!

When we got back I was just in time to participate in Per Markussen’s house class, very fun!

And, tomorrow I’ll start the day with BODYBALANCE™ class/qw – 08.00 am, sharp!
I’ve just finished the very last prep of the education session and feel ready to flow.

Snapshots of some of all the lovley people that are hanging out at Workout Åre at the moment:

Marie & Sofie!

Jonas, Johan, Cissi, Oscar & Bea

Andreas, Sandra, Lisa & Anna-Lena

Lots and lots of beautiful people with other words!

A sunday…

…very well spent with my BODYJAM®dvd – and in front of the mirror.
And a quick date with Åsa E that was up this weekend for a Les Mills gig.

The event for the weekend: Topphälsa Training Camp STHLM – that the magazine Topphälsa organized was a hit.
A lot of lovely people with a great vibe and spirit in the same room. Awesome!
Two of the ladies that came for the event was Eva and Cathrine from Norrköping
And Cathrine gave me a book that she wrote (how cool is that?!) – as a thank you for inspiring her to dare herself to dance – and she felt successful.
I got really happy (and proud of course) – THANK YOU!! Can’t wait to read it. : )

Yesterday I presented my Tribal House class – and it was a lot of fun. I had some great support from these lovley chicas that came out and joined me for my class.
Annie, Maria and Caroline!

The class after mine was Ruffie-training. Some cozy sweaty hugging : )

It felt (and looked) like the people that came were all very happy with their weekend, and so am I! Thanks again Frida, Erika and the rest of Topphälsa for inviting me.

Now – back to BODYJAM®practice.
Friday night it’s the best of class here in Stockholm – and saturday it’s qw time in Malmö.
And a couple of jam-sessions during the week, I’m guessing.
Happy sunday night beautiful people!

Day II

…at Topphälsa Training Camp was equally fun as day one – and I could tell that people enjoyed their wellness weekend.
I’m gonna write and report more about it later on – until then – a pic of two of the lovely ladies that are in charge of the event:

Frida and Erika! After my tribal house class that they both joined. (and they were awesome)
Thanks for inviting me!