Estonia rocked!

When I woke up at 5.30 am this morning (about the same time for the third day in a row) one of my first awake-but-really-tired thoughts were that – in about 14 hours I will be back here, in bed and then I can continue sleeping. Ha!

And since I left my house around 6.30 – I’ve been to Tallin and back – and taught two quarterly workshops.
And my tiredness and the longing to sleep was gone by the time I went of the plane in Tallin.

In the jam class it was a few familiar faces from the initial training that I held there exactly two years ago. I haven’t done any more trainings since then – but I’ve been there for quarterlies several times and it’s always fun to see both old and new jammers – and their progress. And just fun to se them, simply.

The BODYBALANCE™ class was huge – it’s the second biggest program in Estonia. And they were good!
So, I’ve had a great day!

Time to reload for the quarterly in Stockholm this weekend.
And, I’m happy to be back at Kings Island 🙂

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