Felt the BEATZ…

BEATZ, the 8th edition, was off  the hook.
Four totally different classes, with four very different presenters.

Rob & Me working the check in

Pre-mingle, before the first class is about to start

Edin’s teaching the “cheese doodle”

The crew rocking Edin’s choreo

Rob & Edin

Me & Joao

From my chair beatz class

All four of us

Check out our guest presenters classes if you like…

Thank you Joao and Edin for guesting BEATZ and sharing your talents and passion with us.

Thank you wonderful wonderful BEATZ-dancers for sharing your energy and awesomeness with us.

Thank you Rob for beeing the best biz partner (and great friend) ever. And a rockstar presenter, not to mention.

Next BEATZ – preliminary date is june 8th.

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