Friday update!

3 awesome facts of the day; 

  • BODYBALANCE® 62 is fabulous, especially the balance-track. (track no 4)
  • The heat was ON when I came to SATS Fridis to teach my hot yoga class earlier today. (when I taught my very first class there the other day, the heat had a lunch break) The studio was lovely.
  • My friday night jazz class at HoS seems to be back in biz. My awesome dance ppl are back and the energy was great tonight, many thanks for that.

TOMORROW it’s time for the 9th edition of BEATS.
You’ve seen the line up. Unfortunately our lady guest presenter, Sabina managed to get double booked – but instead we have Edin back. Yay!

You might remember the cheese-doodle-move from his class the last time?! 😉

Can’t wait to dance with the Beats-crowd again.

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