August 1st – a good day to write a blog post.
I don’t know if I have any readers left though. Ha!

Some day I’ll write a book about this past year, not necessary for other to read 😉 Even though it would make a good drama.

But for now I’ll try to write a blog post every now and then. With focus less on drama – more on work.

So fun stuff coming up the nearest future;

* I’ll be back as a blogger for Fitness Lifestyle.
Within a few weeks I’ll start blog for them again.

* SATS Nordic Convention – the internal inspiration day and kick off for all the SATS staff is about to blow off in Göteborg for the 2nd year in a row. I’ll be presenting BODYJAM® this year. Better start learning the choreo 😉

* Three AfHo® instructors trainings are booked, Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. Check out ‘news’ here on my website to see the exact dates. If you wanna read what Aftonbladet thought about my concept when they tried it – check out this link.

* Super Saturday, the event of the year if you’re into Les Mills.
I’ll be presenting BODYJAM®66 and I’ll be filming BODYJAM®68.

* Do not miss our very own dance & training trip to NYC.
Extend the summer feel – cause the beginning of october can be really nice and warm.
Daily dance classes with me and Jonas – and a temporary membership at Crunch gym. How cool is that? Email me to sign up.

* Finally, it’s august 1st.
The summer is not over. It’s not fall. Just cause your vacay might be over.. so let’s enjoy the summer for at least one more month.

I’m in Malmö for a few days – and if you’re in the hoods I think you should come and take my jazz class tomorrow night at the Gasworks Studios.

Hope to see you somewhere!

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