Hot or not?!

The first day (half day) of the Hot MOJO®  was more of an introduction, really.
Obviously we tried the class as well.

I’m not totally convinced.
Not about the product itself – more of me teaching it.

I’ve had yoga as my own time – yoga in a heated studio in particular – and I’ve kind of liked it that way.
That’s a great way for me to focus, and clear my mind. And it benefits all my other training, and classes.
I don’t know if I’m willing to give that up.

I’m not sure I’d enjoy teaching hot yoga – as much as I enjoy practicing it – or as much as I enjoy teaching dance or BODYBALANCE™.

When I do something I really wanna go all in and commit, and to be able to do that I need to feel passionated about it.
That’s how I roll in most situations, really.

But time will tell, I might feel totally different sunday afternoon.
I’ll go through this weekend with an open mind and an open attitude. And have fun while doing it.

I tend to keep a pretty low profile during the sessions, when I have the chance to attend these kind of trainings. Well – If I have questions or wonders, I ask obviously.

But 1:
As much as I love to be the center of the universe I actually don’t feel the need of it when I attend a education or training like this. Nor do I find the need to shout out stuff I already do know. I’m there to learn new stuff, and I just want to listen, and go into my own bubble for a while.
To focus, and to keep it easy going, fun and unpretentious for my own sake.

I’m a rather impatient person (when I’m the student) and I like it when the pace is up, and it’s running smoothly. Then it’s easier for me to concentrate.
For example, repeated know-it-all comments from other participants is just annoying and it ruins the flow. (that’s my very personal opinion – you are very much allowed to disagree.)

And 3:
I like to observe people, when I have the opportunity to be a participant myself. What approach they are taking in a situation and crowd like this.
That is learning too – even though it’s not yoga specific. 🙂

What is your approach and attitude when you go to a training?


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