Hot weekend’s coming up…

You might know that I like Bikram yoga – quite a lot.
So does my awesome training manager at SATS – so when SATS decided to bring in ‘Hot yoga’ to their new club she signed me up for the instructors training. So that’s what I’m gonna do this upcoming weekend.

I haven’t signed up for any classes on regular basis yet – since I’d like to see what I think about the concept before I commit to teaching it. But it feels like a pure luxury to just attend a training for my own.

Bikram yoga is performed in a studio that’s around 45ºC degrees (≈113ºF) and one class is 90 minutes. The sequence always looks the same, 13 standing poses and 13 lying/sitting poses. It never changes.
That’s why I do my Bikram training in periods.
I would most likely get bored if I did it all the time, all year.
But one longer period of time during the winter and one period during the summer is what I usually do.

This Hot Yoga concept, called Hot MOJO® – is adjusted for fitness/gym environment.
The class is only 60 minutes and the studio is not as warm, 38ºC (≈ 100ºF)
The sequence is pretty basic and adjusted to appeal the big crowd – and it also changes three times a year.
This is what I do know at the moment – and I’ll tell you more after this weekend. We start this afternoon.
The Hot MOJO® classes will be offered at SATS new location; Spårvagnshallarna – that opens up feb 4th.

Now – back to choreo-practice!

Happy Friday y’all!

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