Last Choreo Boost-stop!

After a bit confusion with the last minute change of location – the south of Sweden crew got together at SATS City in Malmö for Choreo Boost!

The workshop is mainly aiming to those instructors who teaches dance classes at the gym, like streetdance, jazz, afro, dance aerobics maybe, and so on.
Maybe not so much regular aerobics classes – and especially not if you’re not interested in working with the music, and choreo in a dancy way.

In Malmö I had some traditional aerobics instructors joining – with the classic mind set of an aerobics instructor educated by the old school guard (in my imagination at least)

Not to willing to step out of the square box – both attitude-wise but also literally, choreo-wise.
But it was a minority and I don’t really let tiny details like that affect me.

I rather spend my energy and time on those who are up for trying something else than what they might normally do. And, that kind of instructor was definitely much more well represented – so I’m happy with the day and their effort.

I’m actually surprised and impressed that I’ve had so many open minded and curious instructors willing to try my ideas.

I don’t teach aerobics classes and I don’t really teach my gym-street-classes in a traditional gym-teaching-way so I understand that it might be a little provocative for a classic aerobics instructor, when I want them to try things from my perspective and point of view.

How ever – I believe creativity start growing when you get forced to try something that you’re not used to, and it all gets a little confusing.
Then it’s sinking in – and you see what you can use out of it – how to make it your own and how to apply it in your work.

If you’re that personality type that shut all new (or just different) ideas out by bringing the attitude; this is not how I work – well, then it’s simply up to you.
I can’t or don’t want to do anything about that.

Lots of THANK YOU awesome people from south, for your energy and your good job. Hope to see you soon again.

Unfortunatley I missed to take my mandatory group pic, but I can assure you that all of them were beautiful and just awesome! : )

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