Les Mills GRIT®!

At the Euro Summit we all had the opportunity to try the brand new concept from Les Mills; GRIT®
It’s a 30 min high intensive interval training class and there are three different types;  strength, plyo and cardio.
The feel of the program is more like a team sport kind of thing, and it’s super athletic. Even though it’s 30 min only – you’ll get a great workout, fo shizzle.

It’s not like you should need to combine it with CXWORX® for example, just cause that’s 30 min too – it’s totally enough on it’s own. (unless you’re cheating that is, like in any training)

There are several different people involved in this program –  and one of them is Glen that’s the PD in BODYPUMP®.

The program launches at Super Saturday, and SATS will offer the class from fall-12.

I will most likely not teach this program, but I’m sure a lot of awesome instructors will, and my guess is that it will be yet another successful program.

Synonymes to grit: resolution, fortitude, courage, backbone, guts

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