I will spend a couple of days in London-town this week. I’ve been here a few times, but that’s way back. 
I don’t have any digital pics from when I was here.. like that long ago. Ha!
Then – I took classes at Pineapple Dance studios. Which I plan to do this time as well.

When I was in high school/gymnasium – I auditioned for two schools in London, that was specialised in a very particular style of contemporary dance.
The thing with these schools was that their professional program was really expensive, so most foreign people that applied got accepted – and so did I.
But it didn’t feel quite right for me – and also since I wanted to dance a lot more than the style they offered I never went.

Who knows what would have happened then?!
I remember the teacher – white (like real white) powdered face, a black bandana and a cig behind her ear. Maybe I would have ended up in the same way, LOL!
Probably not! I’ve never really liked bandanas…

Anyhow – Pineapple is a fun studio – at least I thought so back then – and I hope it still is.
And obviously I’m gonna do a lot more fun things besides dancing.

Happy Monday!

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