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So, I passed the annual summary of the year-post this year.
Just did a quiet one for me only.
Instead I would like to enhance a few of the events that are already booked and planned for 2013 – at least for the first quarterly of the year – and share it with you guys.
Maybe we’ll see each other at any of these awesome occasions. Hope so, for sure.

I’m sure you haven’t missed it – how could you;
NIKE BLAST feb 2nd-3rd in the Globe (Globen)
In this very moment it’s 1896 people that have signed up, and since it’s a month left I’m sure there will be even a few more added to that.
This is my 11th year as a presenter at this awesome event that kicks off the training year every year with a boom.
I’ll present three classes:
Sassy Jazz sunday morning, 8.30 am in the dance studio.
BODYBALANCE® 60 along with my fellow Les Mills trainers, Anna & Kristin. Saturday 1.45 pm on the big main stage.
SH’JAM also at the big stage, saturday 5 pm (last class of the day) together with the nordic BODYJAM® and SH’BAM® trainers: Åsa E, Dorre, Sarah and Kimmo.

From the NIKE BLAST-12.

Exciting news, from w. 2 (january 7th) I’ll teach my own AfHo® class/concept at House of Shapes for 4 weeks.

Wednesday’s 11.45-12.45, starting january 9th and ending jan 30th.
How ever, if it goes well, you might find this concept as a regular class at HoS in the future.
So, spread the word and bring your friends.
Email me if you wanna try it out as my guest.
If you want to read more about this class – there will be a AfHo® blog post tomorrow, friday.
For, during 2013 – I’ll also hold my first instructors trainings in AfHo®.

The clip is from my AfHo®class at the NIKE BLAST-12.

I love to collaborate with awesome people. It’s fun when you have someone to work with, and often really great ideas are born when you get to brief and juggle with other like-minded people.
So therefore – me and my homie Jonas are gonna do two kick ass training trips during february and march 2o13.
I’ll be mostly involved in the second one that goes to New York – of natural reasons – but I will host both of them along with him.
Feb. 15th – 24th Miami
March 20th – 31st New York City


There will be scheduled classes with us every day – exclusively for the group that travels, and in addition to that there will be special event classes with local rockstar-instructors and we’re also working on to get a good deal with a local studio. So you get the feel of how it is to hang out with the natives.
Besides that, there are even more activities you can choose to add on if you like that.  Or you can just take our classes and then do what ever you would like to do for the rest of the time. You chose for yourself.
If you have thought about going on a training trip but would like to get a bit more action that “just” the training and the hotel – this is it.  Or if you’ve been dreaming of taking classes in NYC, and pay with your sweat – but haven’t had anyone to go with… This is it! 
Like the page on facebook – or check out the website. 

♥ NYC!

Last year I did these inspirational workshops at SATS; Choreo Boost, that was aimed to the instructors that teaches dance classes and wanted to experiment a bit with the choreo-making.
As an extension of that I’ll hold a new workshop this year in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö – an updated version with a slightly different twist on it.
So, SATS-co workers – looking forward to dance with you again.

Awesome Choreo Boosters Sthlm 2012.

Last but not least – during the first quarterly of 2013 I’ll hold an initial training module in BODYJAM®, in Göteborg, february 8th-10th.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an instructor in BODYJAM® this is a great opportunity. Early in the semester – with a great release to be trained in.
Questions about that – email

Of course there will be plenty of other stuff going on as well – all my weekly classes for example, but I figured there events above is a fun way to start the year, and I’d love for you to come join me. In real life – or here.

Hope to see you!

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