Meaningless knowledge on a sunday…

I’m rarely sick (knock on wood) and when I do get something – it normally passes in a few days.
So, last sunday when I woke up with a sore throat I kind of ignored it with the belief that it would be over just as fast.
I’ve been training, and teaching my classes every day this week – and the sore throat have continued to be sore. And – even more sore…
Yesterday I couldn’t swallow. So, this morning I went to the emergency unit in my hood – to see a doctor. Just in case!

And guess what – the doctor turned out to be my ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.
How about that? The girlfriend he had before he and I hooked up.
Their break up was respectful I might add – no cheating, lying or back stabbing – and before I got in the picture.

But still.. it was a bit akward when she asked me to open my mouth, stick my tongue out and say Aaaaahhh… More like; Hhrm-aaaah! Hehe!

She was a great doctor though – and probably the hottest doctor in the city.
And good news, it wasn’t tonsillitis – grateful for that!

My favorite doctors… they can cure almost a n y t h i n g 😉

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