Monday it is…

One of my projects that I’m working with is the Nike Top Instructor 2012.
It’s the third year we’re doing it, and it’s the third time I help running it as well.
The competition have changed, and developed a bit from year to year, and it’s more and more people that wanna take the opportunity and be a part of it.

Instructors from all around Sweden get to send in a dvd from a class; a bit of break down and a bit of the whole choreo performed fully out.
Then six people get selected to the final – that’s being held live at the NIKE BLAST.

It’s not me alone that chooses the people, it’s a whole group of people from Nike.
And it’s always hard to do this since there are a whole bunch of good competitors with different qualities, skills and styles.

What are we looking at then?

Well – it’s the whole thing actually.
The choreography – is it new, creative, fresh and updated?
The break down,  should be smooth and with a nice flow.
The quality of movement, the musicality, the music, the personality, the energy.
And the video – of course.
If it’s a great filmed video with high quality, where you can see the instructor well – and the crowd, great sound and lights, it’s so much better than the opposite.
And also – all these things – does it breath Nike?

So, the entire thing. Which is a lot.
And it’s always hard to choose.

On monday (jan. 23rd – some time during the day) the six finalists will be published at the Nike Women’s Facebook page. So surf by and check it out. And even better – come and check it out live if you’re at the NIKE BLAST. It’s the last class of saturday, 5 pm, in studio 4.

I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to all the great instructors that have sent in a dvd.
It’s easy to sit home – or to be in the audience at the BLAST – and have opinions about the contestants. But to actually take action, film a class, send it in and join the competition – it’s not as easy.
So, kudos to all of you!!


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