Monday morning…

Let’s see what the outer universe’s planning for the day. 🙂

I said that I didn’t wanted to start with the new Les Mills choreos before I’m done with the old ones. Like if I still have an event or initial training where I’m supposed to do the old choreo (like this upcoming weekend) I don’t like to start learning the new ones before I can leave the old…to avoid confusion… 
But I’m so fed up with the core/back tracks, and my body is definitly ready for a new pathern of movements.
So I’ve learned track 6 & 7 for my lunch-BODYBALANCE™ at Tule today.
Just to get a tiny variety in class.

I’m presenting the new programs at an event for the first time at nov. 19th – so I guess it’s time to learn it all soon, but that I’ll do after this weekend.

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