Monday night at the bridge…

This is the last week of the spring schedule.
21 weeks flew by, just like that.
I’m teaching all my classes this week, except the BODYBALANCE™ at Zenit – since we have our annual Nike weekend this weekend, with the entire team.

And then next week the summer schedule starts – and I’ll be teaching almost like usual for the first two weeks – with some small adjustments.
Stay tuned here at my website, blog or at SATS.

Today’s class was a blast, so much fun!
Thanks awesome peeps for your energy, and your great spirit!
Here are a few from tonights crowd, chillin after the class.
street st eriksbron måndagar crowd

I did my S&M-choreo when I subbed saturday, and I got some requests to do it again, so that’s what we did tonight. I liked it, liked it! : )

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