MUSIC makes the world go round…

I Love lOve loVe lovE LOVE music – I always have.
It’s a major part of my life.
Dance might be my favourite way of expression and emotions – but music is pretty close – they kind of work together and highlight each other, right?
Music can motivate and help you through anything such as a tough run, tiredness, heart break…
And when you’re happy – it can make you even happier, uplifted and just wanting to shake your ass off… Do you agree?

Even the most macho gangsta – and trashy rock dude (or chica) express feelings and emotions through music. Isn’t that awesome?

So – what would the world be like without music?

Imagen having a song personally written for/to you – that would be the best gift ever. (for me)
Like Jay Z’s ‘Glory’ to baby Blue Ivy, or Britney and Justin, by all means, hehe…

Actually – I went to a party once where I met this musician, and apparently I made an impact on her, cause after that I heard that she wrote a song called Åsa’s blues inspired by me being so cool (Yeah – I know?!) unfortunately I’ve never heard it.

Songs I DO wish was written for/to/about me;


As you might notice I’m a bit of a sucker for these smooth r’n’b-tunes!!

Do you have a favorite pep-power-song, or a wishitwaswritten4me-song? Which one?

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