Party’s coming up!

This week has been a re-run week, at least on my street classes.
Monday I did the I like that-choreo and yesterday I did the Cannibal-choreo.
Both classes were true happiness.
Awesome dancers that brought not only their sexy backs but also a lot of energy and positive vibe to the parteey. Thank you for that. You do know that I love you, right?!

Jazz tonight will be the second week of a new choreo. Come join for some jazz-funk-ish!

This upcoming weekend it’s time for the annual SATS inspiration event, for the entire staff.
It usually take place in february, in Stockholm.
But this year it’s not only a new date – but also a new location. It’s moved to Göteborg (at the swedish fair) and all the nordic countries are joining.

It’s called the SATS Nordic Convention and it will be about 2100 people participating.

I’m asked to present a class, my beloved AfHo with the sub theme “tropical” and I’m expecting some serious ass-shaking, roof-lifting and party-rocking from my awesome co-workers. Yay!

So today – I’m spending the day by doing the last prep and polishing of the choreo and the music for the weekend.

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