Pride rehearsal!

As I mentioned the other day we’re doing a gig on saturday, at Stockholm Pride(Kungsträdgården)
It’s my homie – as well as the rockstar – Jonas that performes. 
First, he’s gonna do two older songs, with some great (superflexibel) male dancers, and then it’s his new single: Discover the night – which I choreographed. 
And, it’s me and three other lovely ladies that are dancing.

Then – as the grand finale he’s performing the 2011-version of his official Pride song from 10 years ago; I am what I am.  And the 2011’s edition is together with Afrodite (who’s a swedish pop/disco group) 
It will be a huge crowd on stage for that one!
If you wanna stop by, we’re supposed to be on stage 21.31

Some pics from tonight’s rehearsal
Sara Jossan Åsa Åsa
Pride rep killar jonas
Mia =  a serious pipe, she’s one of the back up singers.
The star himself!

PS, Both I am what I am and Discover the night is available on Itunes – just sayin’

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