Quarterly Times…

Yeah – it’ s those times again.
The first round of 2012, which means new choreos to all instructors who teaches pre-choreographed classes.

I’m holding qw’s in BODYJAM® and BODYBALANCE™ in Malmö and Stockholm the upcoming weekend. I’ve presented both classes before and feel pretty comfortable with them by now.

And yesterday, I taught the new core choreo at SATS for the first time.
As I’ve wrote earlier; I think the SATS core concept is ok (otherwise I wouldn’t teach it, obviously) especially when it comes to the exercises.
Also, it’s easy to learn and easy to teach.

How ever, these days – I believe the participants (the mainstream crowd at least) would prefer a concept like CXWORX™.
Not because they don’t like the current core – but because CXWORX™ is more up to date and simply more of what people requests in core training classes these days.

How ever, SATS is about to develop and change their core-concept…
Starting summer/fall-12, it will be 7 tracks instead of 8, two standing tracks, and there will be exertubes used as equipment.
So, I guess it will be pretty similar to CXWORX™ after all.

What I don’t appreciate as much with the current SATS Core is the music.
Simply because it’s [a bit] too mossy for my taste.
And in this release particular, the one good song – even though the CD and choreo notes says Rihanna and ‘We found love’ – it is definitely not Rihanna singing.
And you might remember what I think of (most) covers.

But overall – it was ok, and the participants appreciated the variation and some new moves after three long months, which is the most important thing, right?!

So, I’m all set with pre-choreo learning for another three months.
Which means more time to choreograph my own work and products.

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