Similarities and differences…

There are a lot of similarities in all kinds of industries I guess – whether the actual business is about.
Situations – behaviors – politics and so on.

I talked to a friend the other day that’s in the music business and she attended both the “Guldbagge galan” a couple of weeks ago (which is the swedish – and embarrassing lame – version of the Oscars award) and also the swedish Grammy award last week.

She just established that these events aren’t very nice, or fun events that you go for your enjoyment.
Nor is the atmosphere particularly inspiring.
While people are talking to you they are constantly looking over your shoulder to see if anyone “bigger” or more famous is about to show up, that they can move on to.

And if there’s an international guest – or big shot – coming, people are turning inside out to show themselves from the absolutely best, most charming, exaggerated outgoing, crazy and just awesome side.
All to get the most attention, to be remembered and… most popular. And maybe – discovered.
You know – like in high school sort of.

For her these kind of events are energy-consuming and fake – she’s a true artist and a beautifully sensitive and talented person.
But it’s kind of a necessary evil since it’s all about business and networking, and of course she’d love to get her own grammy someday if there’s an opportunity. But most preferably without the sucking up and the studied attention craving behavior.

This conversation made me think about my business..
We don’t really have any awards to compare with (no – that one in Gothenburgh doesn’t count yet)
Most comparable is probably the NIKE BLAST and Super Saturday, which are the biggest events in my industry, and the happenings of the year where everyone (almost) attends to network, doing business, catch up and connect. (Besides the main thing – train and get inspired)
But the difference is – these events ARE fun, for the people that attend it and for the people who works there. I’m sure I’m not the only one that think so.

Of course there are people with the same sort of behavior in my business – and of course there are instructors that take themselves a tiny bit to seriously, and honestly think they are rockstars instead…
But in general, people are not like that.

People are all over the place – but mostly out of endorphins and energy (and red bull) than of some other reason. It’s a happy place!

And that makes me once again feel so lucky to work with what I do – and to experience a lot of extraordinary moments together with HAPPY people! SWEATY people!

It’s dance – or training we work with… it’s an unpretentious, happy, positive, life-improving thing that’s about so much more than loosing weight these days. It’s a lifestyle – for people all over the world from different communities, social classes and industries.

At least for me – it’s like this, at this very moment.

Enjoy your day beautiful people! Hope your endorphin-doze will be filled up generously.

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