Speak up… or just post it!

Imagen if people were just as outspoken and articulated IRL as they are on their blogs, and in social media.

Both negative and positive.
Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

It’s obviously easier to be angry and negative online, and write long blog posts, status updates or emails about it than actually face the problem – the situation – or the person that you wish for to take on your criticism.

But it also seems easier to be positive online – with the extremely overuse of adjectives. Parts of the blog-community are like clubs with mutual admiration and on facebook it’s exploading with the overload of lovable updates.

Now – don’t get me wrong.. I’m ALL ABOUT the overuse of compliments, love and positive feedback.
In fact – the more love the better. It makes you grow, both the giving and receiving (to quote Joey’s wed. speech you know)
My strong belief is that you should never ever be cheap when it comes to share your love or compliments.

What I’m saying is that – to me – it’s refreshing and inspiring with people who are just as outspoken and real IRL as well as on the internet.
And everyday, I consciously work to function like that too.

What inspires you a rainy (snowy) day like this?!


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