The working plans for the weekend changed a bit – and I’ve been in Stockholm all weekend, which actually have been very nice. And well needed.
Recovering, re-charging in combination with some quality time with lovely friends is worth a lot in its right moment.

Now a new week and a new month is coming up! 
Next week is filled with 13 classes and an initial training module in BODYBALANCE™. For instance.
And the new month (a long with the rest of the year) is filled up with work every weekend all the way until x-mas, which feels kind of reassuring – and fun of course! 

Several job is located in Stockholm. So it’s not the craziest of travelling, like it can be. Suits me very well right now.

And of course… soon starts the rehearsing of the new releases. But let’s deal with that after the initial next weekend.

Happy 44th week to y’all. 🙂 And – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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