The day b4 the day b4 the day…

After the very focused yogi-weekend it’s been a rather hysterical week.
And – I can’t wait for the weekend to begin.
Today’s been rehearsal time with Åsa all day. Kristin came a bit later than expected, but now we’re all set and ready to go.. almost! 🙂

Heard a funny thing today, Åsa told me. About my RB-detox… Someone said to her “I bet she’s pregnant (me then) and that’s why she doesn’t drink Red Bull. WHY else would she stop drinking them???

When I DO drink my RB’s, people take the liberty to tell me all kinds of opinions about that – and apparently when I don’t drink them, it’s worth comment too. Lol!

I can tell you, fo shizzle – I am not pregnant. Not even a little bit.
I just wanted to do a little cleanse and see if I could manage without until the NIKE BLAST.
And I have.. not a sip since december 22nd.

Tomorrow the Nike Trainer Team have a meeting and a product clinic at the main office. Long day – and a good day, pretty great day actually. And the anticipation is in the air.

Sweet dreams beautiful people!

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