The GFX of the week – POUND.rockout.workout.

The first GFX is a new trend, from the US (of course) and it’s called Pound – Rockout. Workout.™, or just simply POUND.

Two female drummers from Los Angeles, CA are behind this concept.
Their fitness background is mainly based on a lot of pilates training. Now they created like a  cardio sculpt class, inspired by exercises from pilates – where you use lightly weighted drumsticks, Ripstix™, (drumsticks that will get you ripped) which they invented for this workout.
You work yourself through different muscle groups to uptempo music – which can be anything from rock to rap to dubstep and pop, etc.

You can do POUND in three formats, POUND – which is a 45 min workout and then POUND30 and POUND15.
The sequences are pre-choreographed, but I don’t know how detailed though.

Crunch gym have had exclusivity on this class, but I think the ambition is to spread it all over the US.

I got a glimpse of this class during my last NYC-trip.
My personal opinion:
The actual workout may not be the most efficient or ‘functional’ but you’ll get sweaty for sure.
The participants looked really happy and in to it while they were drumming and squatting at the same time.

If you wanna work on your rhythmical skills, but in a super easy way – this is awesome. I can imagine – if it’s a really big crowd where everybody are pounding with their sticks –  it’s a bit of a trance feel, where you get to feel like a real rockstar drummer that’s in the zone.

I actually saw this dude in the back, that maybe not were the fittest dude in the room – or even looked like he normally would visit a class (or even the gym) but he was into the drumming part for sure, and in the short breaks between the tracks he dribbled and showed off with the drum sticks. He’s definitely found his thing.

If you wanna try the class – visit a Crunch gym the next time you’re in the US.

If you wanna read more about POUND – visit the website.
If you wanna see what it looks like – take a look at this video.

Kristin – my awesome friend teaches this class at Crunch gym in NYC.
She’s a rockstar and she can make any class a success. How ever, she’s mainly a dancer and not really in to “news” just cause it’s new, or sculpt/weight training – but she does like this workout, and she talks about it really committed and passionated.
Which definitely shows and rub off during class.

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