The word of the day: circadian!

So – I think I’ve got some clearity in how my schedule at SATS will look like this fall…
As it is now, like this:

Mon 12.00 BODYBALANCE™ Tule
Mon 18.00 Core St Eriksbron
Mon 18.30 Street St Eriksbron
Tue 06.45 BODYBALANCE™ Hornstull
Tue 11.00 BODYBALANCE™ Hötorget
Tue 12.30 Core Tule
Wed 06.45 BODYBALANCE™ Fridhemsplan
Wed 17.30 Street Fridhemsplan
Thu 19.00 Jazz Odenplan
Thu 20.00 Core Odenplan

After four days with an extremely weird circadian (circadian = dygnsrytm, had to google translate that word – didn’t have a clue) and after yet another night of rehearsal I’m pretty wasted. But it’s been a good day with good hang out.
Like these chicas for example

Annica Soffan Åsa

And, from tonights practice…

Enjoy your friday night!

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