To quote or not to quote…?!

Wow.. Fall 2011 is not my fall – when it comes to blogging at least. I’ve been struggling with the time – to make it last for everything I need to to, along with all the things I want to do.

But since almost everyone I know have a shit loads of stuff to do these days and are working like crazy, it seems kind of a un-necessary thing to bring up or even less blame on.

Just look at people’s facebook status; it’s about long to do lists and a full packed calender all over the place – along with quotes about how important it is to live your life, love your life,  seize the day, catch the moment, speak up, stand up, love your job, don’t waste your time and so on.

Honestly – I don’t belive that anyone wants to waste their life – or not work with something they love, or live their life to the fullest. Do you?
So why this enormous amount of quotes?

Is it to remind oneself to breath once in a while and just live? In that case, it’s a good thing.
Or – is it because you belive that you set the perfect example and with this quote want to inspire other people to do the same.. well, I buy that too.

Or is just a lot of pretentious bs – and you live your life by posting quotes about how you wish to live your life, and how you wish for people to apprehend you.
I buy that too. Make sense 2011.

Or – is it just for fun to light up the day if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? Totally get that too.

I guess we all have different agendas.. and we all want to be happy the short time we have in this life that we are blessed to be in at the moment.
I too wanna seize the day – totally.. and I wanna live to the fullest and love my life. And I want be happy!
All day everyday! And I do – am…
Maybe not all day everyday, but everyday. (look at that – a quote from Charlotte Goldenblatt)

Have a nice weekend you beautiful people!
If you’re up for some serious ass-shaking, join me and Robert fore some dance beatz tomorrow.
Email Robert at to see if there are some last minute spots to spare.
Hope to see you on the dance floor!

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