Today’s song # 1

What do you enjoy reading about in particular, in a blog?

For example; I like all kinds of tips, and lists with fun stuff – or funny series of mini lessons with not to much depth in it.
That’s fun and easy reading to me.
Like Micke for example that has done this series of today’s shorts – for the whole month of june.
Not that I’m in the need of inspiration to find great guy’s shorts but just I though it was a fun concept.

More fun than the many posts and pics of the food people are having, that I don’t enjoy as much.
Mainly cause I just simply don’t care about – or are very interested in – food or what it looks like in pictures.
(unless it’s about fancy cupcakes or cocktails… which I think is a little bit more fun, lol)

Anyway – since I’m in to series… I’m gonna start one of my own; today’s song.
For 20 days I’ll post a favourite – new or old (or in between) and at day 20 you’ll have a full playlist with some of my favourites, if you wish.

So – the first today’s song is a song I started to play in my classes the past couple of weeks. (b4 my vaccation)
And I’ve heard it in several classes here as well.
I like it, obviously!
Do you?

Beyonce – End of Time (from her new album 4)

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