Wow… this week really flew by quick.
11 classes down and one more to go today – besides from the master class at the upcoming event this weekend.

Here’s a brief dance class-update from the past week;
Monday – A brand new choreo at the street class.
If you missed it – I’ll do it again next monday.

Wednesday – I taught an old monday-choreo that I’ve done for three wednesdays now.
Give it to me – Jason Derülo
I figured it wasn’t to many wednesday-peeps that have done it before, so I did a little re-run. But that was the last time. This wednesday I’ll most likely do something new.

Thursday – A brand new jazz routine.
The vibe is a bit of contemporary jazz style. It feels really smooth and graceful.
I could tell that in the beginning of the class some of the participants thought to themselves; Ooo yeah baby, this is gonna be a soft and easy class… but then it hit them – the choreo – and it get really physically demanding. (Unless you’re a cheater that is)

Friday – I’ll do the Roc Me Out jazz choreo a second time.
Got so proud of – and happy with – the crew last week and I hope to move on a little bit further today.

Happy friday to all of you!

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