Weekly Update with Åsa F. : )

It’s been a good last week of the spring schedule.
Yesterday I taught a new street-routine at my class on Fridhemsplan.
This is the song I choreographed to.

Awesome class! As always! Love u!
It was a lot of upper body work and I was actually a bit sore today when I started to choreograph the jazz routine for tonight.
And today we did a bit of lyrical style. Lyricalish as I like to call it.  
Rihanna – Complicated! Love that song, still.

Another fun thing that happened yesterday is that when I came home this stood outside the door.

No – it wasn’t a neighbour that thought I was thirsty and wanted to surprice me.  
Les Mills have started a collaboration with Vitamin Well – who sponsor all the trainers.  
I love sparkling mineral water – so the bubblish edition is my favourite, and among the still flavours it’s the defence-taste.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to Nike’s main office in Solna – it’s time for our annual trainer weekend. Good stuff!

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