When In Rome…

16 classes, 3 cities and 11 different studios in 7 days!
With an awesome jazz finale with my just amazing crowd at HoS yesterday.

Now – it’s GOOD MORNING Rome and Italy!

We’re charging up for the European trainer summit with Les Mills with a few days to explore the city and broaden our Italy-skills.

Then it’s time to buff up, deff down, push the boobies up, get it on with the spray tan and head to the Les Mills tribe European hook up. 🙂
Or – if you think it’s a bit to tight to do all that in two days, I hope it’s fine to come just the way you are, sort of.

Like the Nike way…
I think I’ll stick with that. LOL!

Either way – I’m sure it’s gonna be an awesome time, and I’m looking forward to some fun sunny days.
(even though I must say – a weekend off in Stockholm this weekend would have been worth a lot)
Happy Happy weekend y’all!


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