…and my focus for the day have been on BODYBALANCE™ 55. 

Seven tracks out of 11 starting to feel pretty good now, and the remaining four tracks I’ll leave for tomorrow morning.
Then I have my classes this week to polish the coaching and feel even more before next weekend.
And what’s up next weekend?!
I’m presenting the new releases in BODYBALANCE™ and BODYJAM® at an internally Les Mills day at Medley, in Finspång. (a swedish town about 2,5 hours from Stockholm by car)

So – I guess I’ll be doing some serious BODYJAM®-studying this week as well.
It’s a good thing this kind of studies doesn’t require so much sedentary. Which have never been my strong suit really… LOL!

If you’re curious about the track lists for (all) the new releases you can surf in here for a sneak peek!

Coming up for the evening – off to the other side of the city to the Maxim Theatre and the dance production; No Limits.
Check out the promo here if you want…

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