Lägenhetsvakten är på plats, eller vakt och vakt – tror inte direkt min lilla snälla crib  behöver en vakt – men grymt när det går att få till en liten swap.
Så nu är det bara att packa och fixa lite.. sen; one hand in the air for the big city.

Kom och träna med mig imorgon torsdag.
Jag kör min jazz 19.00 – med core direkt efter på Odenplan. 

Sen ses vi den 21/1 igen. Och – då är det sjukt nära till NIKE BLAST, årets absoluta explosion! 

Kvartal 1 – 1 bra kvartal!

Kollade igenom min kalender för första kvartalet på 2014 och det känns grymt kul med blandningen av jobb.

Förutom mina ordinarie klasser som jag kör på vardagarna på SATS och House of Shapes, så är i stort sett varje helg bokad med events, workshops och utbildningar och det är en bra mix-up, om jag får säga det själv.

Så, om du skulle vilja joina mig på något av alla – större och mindre – event under årets första månader är du varmt välkommen;

1-2 februari NIKE BLAST, årets största inspirationsevent när det gäller dans och träning. Ca 2500 pers kommer inta Globen för att boosta sig själva med endorfiner (och nya träningskläder)
Jag kommer presentera:
AfHo® 15.15, lördag
BODYBAM (2014’s edition av SH’JAM) 17.15 – lördag tillsammans med Åsa B, Dorotka och Maria.
BODYBALANCE® 09.30, söndag – tillsammans med Åsa B och Ari
Lights, Camera, Action 12.30, söndag – en dansklass tillsammans med Kristin och Derek från NYC

Taggad? Yep, som få! Stay tuned på och
för bästa möjliga uppladdningen inför NIKE BLAST.

15e mars hittar du mig och AfHo® på Blogger Boot Camp som detta år huserar i KTH-hallen.
Har presenterat på BBC en gång tidigare, för några år sedan – och sen dess har eventet både växt och utvecklats, så det ska bli kul att komma tillbaka.
Ca 300 bloggande träningsentusiaster i alla olika former kommer dit för att mingla, nätverka – och ja, träna då. 🙂

Utöver det fylls helgerna med två grundutbildningar i BODYBALANCE®, en AfHo®utbildning, ett gäng kvartalsutbildningar i både BODYJAM® och BODYBALANCE®, en träningsresa i samarbete med SATS och Springtime och även ytterligare ett coolt lite mindre event som jag kommer berätta mer om längre fram.
= rätt mycket som ska hinnas med innan det blir april 😉 Precis som det ska vara.

För att se alla mina ordinarie klasser – samt de utbildningar jag håller, spana in ‘news-fliken‘ här på min sida.
Hoppas vi ses!

Jag är också up n running med att planera uppföljaren till 2013’s Dans & Träningsresa till NYC.
Om DU får tycka till; skulle du helst åka tidig sommar, dvs sent maj/tidigt juni eller i september?

Reflect is perfect!

After this amazing Dance & Training trip we had in NYC I headed down to Miami for a few days.
As I was reflecting over a few things in the sun (and +30 degrees of lovely heat) it hit me that I haven’t had any real time of since christmas 2011 when I was in Maspalomas, Canary Islands for a week. (A place I never need to go to again btw)

You might know this already but it was awesome to have a few days where I didn’t have anything booked or scheduled.
No curfews, no nothing at all… just vacay.
Time to think. Reflect.

So, even though I cried a little on the flight in take off, when I landed in SWE I felt refilled and boosted with inspiration, energy, happiness and harmony (and D-vitamine) from both NYC and Miami.
Well needed I’d say since this is the shittiest (pardon my french) time of the year. Late fall towards winter, then the never-ending-crap-winter.
But so far it’s been good.

I love my classes – and even more, I love my participants.
Saturday, I went to Saga Motion’s convention and presented AfHo®.

Lovely Åsa (that also took the photos above) joined the class and then we had an excellent brainstorm meeting after. She’s gonna help me with a minor charity event.
I’ll tell you more about it in a post of it’s own.

I hope I’ll see you – sooner rather than later, right?!

More NYC…

What a week. Amazing. Magic. Awesome.
I’ve taught 5 classes – and then taken 13 classes myself.
Fun, inspiring, energy-boosting – is the least I can say about it.

Friday night almost the entire crew went to Kristin‘s class.

Amazing – as always!

Saturday, Hanna came and taught a dancehall-fusion-class with us.

Monday was our last day – and as the very last class I taught a BODYBALANCE®.

Then some group photos – of course.

After our finale – I headed to BDC for a street jazz class with Derek Mitchell –  which became my last class in NYC for this time.

I’ll be back soon though.

And, for the upcoming days – I’ve replaced the wonderful view above to this…also pretty wonderful in a different way.

You’re so unfair…

Today I’m doing a mini-technique class.
Then a short combo, to this magical hook.

And baby, it’s amazing I’m in this maze with you. I just can’t crack your code
One day you’re screaming you love me loud, the next day you’re so cold
One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care, you’re so unfair
Sipping from your cup till it runneth over…

Awesome lyrics, awesome song, awesome artists.

Then – my homie Hanna‘s coming to do some wiiiiining and griiiiiinding with the crew.  Excited! Another dance-day in NYC.


It’s insane how the days fly by.
Day 5 tomorrow already.

It’s been an awesome week so far.
The studios we’ve rented are great, our classes have been a lot of fun, the classes I’ve taken at Crunch have been good and inspiring and most of all – our crew is amazing.

Some snap shots from the first 4 days:

Me and Craig – took his class tuesday night. Awesome! Like always.

Me and the wonderful, beautiful Nadia Zaki.
She came and taught for us yesterday.
She did a beautiful lyrical routine – and the entire group took her class.

She’s one of my favorite teachers, ever. Thanks so much for coming.

Me and Lillian Concepcion – took her hiphop class yesterday.
A skilled (and tall) dancer.

Moa in the west village sun.

As for the ‘today’s song’- my recommendation will be Justin Timberlake – Only when I walk away. Listen to it!



Welcome to NYC!

From Super Saturday to a work-weekend in Stockholm to NYC, and that’s where I’m at right now.
Right between Nolita and Chinatown to be specific.
The official Dance & Training trip started today, with a ‘meet and greet’ at W hotel in Times Square and then the entire crew headed down to Crunch Lafayette for a class called Urban Attitude.

Me and Jonas are teaching classes every day in the mornings, and then each and every one gets a one week pass at Crunch in addition to that.
We have suggested classes every day for those who want some company.
Basically – I’ve picked all my favorite classes as the daily suggestion.
Today’s class was actually the only one that I didn’t know the instructor from before. LaShawn that taught the class is pretty new to Crunch I think, and she taught the class together with a guy that seemed like her side kick.
My guess is that both of them are pretty new to teach in this way, and I loved their spirit.

The routine was to Jessie J’s Wild, and the actual style was a fusion of hiphop, jazz and afro vibes. Fun class!


I decided to dress up in ‘regular clothes’ today as I figured NO ONE in the crew have ever seen me like that.
Fun – until it started to poor down. When I came to the hotel my knitted dress was soaking wet and I looked like a drowned cat more than a chic tour guide 😉

Jonas and Moa outside Crunch after the class.

Tomorrow the first class is AfHo®.
Can’t wait.

NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #6

It’s about time for yet another presentation, don’t you think?!
To continue the charge up for our Dance & Training Trip (42 days left)
So, dudes and dudettes – meet Lillian Concepcion.

If you went to the NIKE BLAST this year you might have seen her. She was there too, assisting Craig Smith in his class.
I’ve taken her classes at Crunch a few times and I really like her laid back style and hiphop-grooves.

Check out a video from her class here;

And, visit her website as well.

She’s teaching HipHop at Crunch, several times a week and in different locations. But Lafayette is one of them. (that’s the club where a lot of magic happens)

NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #5

The 5th Crunch-instructor I’m gonna introduce for you is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn; hiphop-dancer, choreographer and teacher Leslie Feliciano.
The very first time I took his class was back in 2006 at Broadway Dance Centre.
I was in NYC for a month with my homie Moa – and we danced like crazy and took an insanely amount of classes.

In the very first class with him, I remember he asked the group if we had any questions, whereat all said no…
Then when we did the routine in small groups he came up and stood really close to me, like in-my-face-close, and of course I got a bit of blackout.
Afterwards he said to me;
– And you said you didn’t have any questions…
?! 😉

Then – we found out that, that is his thing. And also, that he wasn’t so scary after all,  that we thought that very first time.
So we went back and we took a quite many of his classes that month.
Besides BDC he also teaches at Crunch and have done for a long time.
Sunday afternoon at Crunch Lafayette is his time slot.

Check out his website to get more info and to see some videos.