NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #5

The 5th Crunch-instructor I’m gonna introduce for you is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn; hiphop-dancer, choreographer and teacher Leslie Feliciano.
The very first time I took his class was back in 2006 at Broadway Dance Centre.
I was in NYC for a month with my homie Moa – and we danced like crazy and took an insanely amount of classes.

In the very first class with him, I remember he asked the group if we had any questions, whereat all said no…
Then when we did the routine in small groups he came up and stood really close to me, like in-my-face-close, and of course I got a bit of blackout.
Afterwards he said to me;
– And you said you didn’t have any questions…
?! 😉

Then – we found out that, that is his thing. And also, that he wasn’t so scary after all,  that we thought that very first time.
So we went back and we took a quite many of his classes that month.
Besides BDC he also teaches at Crunch and have done for a long time.
Sunday afternoon at Crunch Lafayette is his time slot.

Check out his website to get more info and to see some videos.

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