Last minute change of (work)plans!

Next weekend I was booked for a training – but for different reasons it got cancelled so instead I jumped on a very last minute job.

Selma Spa is celebrating their 20 years anniversary, and my homie Jonas is a bit involved in the celebratory event that will be held this upcoming weekend.
It will be a huge two hour master class outside that will cover some of the training trends from the past 20 years.
And, he asked me to present a sequence of that master class.
So Susan Lanefelt will open it up with the vibes from 91- and I’ll wrap it up by representing the 2011 dance style.
And in between – there will be a fusion of different workouts and styles.
My sequence have a theme spelled B.R.I.T.N.E.Y. – curious about that? Come join me!!

Jonas will also be performing in the evening, so yet again Jossan goes with me for some back up dancing on Discover the night.

Two birds with one stone… or something.

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