NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #4

My fourth presentation – of some of the excellent instructors you will have opportunity to experience at our Dance & Training Trip this fall – is of a fierce woman that I’ve mentioned many times before when I’ve been in New York.

Ms Nadia Zaki.
I first got to know her through her sister, Susanne Zaki – that’s also an amazing dancer, instructor and former swedish Nike Trainer.
Nadia’s originally from Göteborg – but have been living in NYC for ever and she’s teaching both at Crunch and Equinox  – as well as doing her own awesome events, retreats and trips all over the world.
She’s also been to the NIKE BLAST in Stockholm, several times and NIKE BLAST Helsinki as well.
She’s not just an amazing dancer, but – like I’ve wrote many times before –  also a great teacher, that really want her participants/students to learn and progress.
No matter what kind of class she’s teaching.

Besides dance, she’s teaching yoga, and then she’s also have her own classes/concepts like Inner Strength – which basically is a strength/technique class for dancers, and Inner Warrior that’s a fusion of yoga and martial arts.

I get emails and questions all the time from people that are traveling to NYC and want recommendations of classes/teachers they can try and I always tell them to go take one of Nadia’s classes.
NYC is lucky to have her I’d say.

Nadia is teaching at Crunch Lafayette on wednesday evenings – and have done for a long time – and hopefully the schedule stays the same for the fall season.

Apparently I haven’t taken any good pics of Nadia so if you wanna se what she looks like – check out her website.

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